2007 – 2013 Honda Rancher 420 & 2014 Rancher AT Full Armour kit

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You have come to the only place for a complete 360 degree ATV bumper kit that won’t let anything get in your way!
The front bumper is mounted to the frame to ensure a rock solid mount, the right and left sides connect to the racks and foot wells. The sides also slide into the front and rear bumpers for added support.
For an added safety feature, the right and left sides enhance the footprint of the ATV, similar to an outrigger to help stop a rollover before it completes more than 90 degrees.
Protect your machine from the harsh climates of everyday work and have the added peace of mind in rollover protection you need. This kit will take the abuse so your machine doesn’t have to.
Chrome Alloy material and powder coated black for the best strength and durability available!
Easy to install and can be done in under 10 minutes.
Don’t take chances, BE PROTECTED!
Kit includes:
Front & rear bumper
1 right and 1 left side kit
hardware and bumper mount plate
total weight is 35 lbs
Installation Instructions
Pull the side tube frames out of the box and turn the front and rear clamps up so they are inline and flush with the ends of the tube frame.
Install one side, slide the u clamps in between the front and rear rack tubes. Drop the 2 1/4″ bolts in the u brackets.
Foot peg mount- Place the tube bushing in between the bottom side of the foot peg bracket and the center clamp. Drop the 4″ bolt through the foot peg, bushing and center clamp.

Slide the front bumper into the front of the tube frame.

Install the mount plate in front of the vertical frame supports located behind the skid plate. Install the u bolts for mount plate around the frame supports.
Slide in the rear bumper and the last tube frame.
Place the nuts on the bolts and tighten down so the clamps do not move after pulling up and down on the side tube frames.

Additional information

Weight 58 lbs
Dimensions 80.875 × 10.5 × 23.25 in