Choosing the Perfect Bumper and Fender Protection Product for Your Yamaha Grizzly & Kodiak ATV

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The Yamaha Grizzly & Kodiak ATV is most popular for its strength, quickness, and flexibility. It’s quite a favorite amongst Powersport enthusiasts, farmers, ranchers, and adventure people who demand reliability and comfort.  However, the most powerful computer also needs to be safeguarded. So what about your ATV’s?

Why Does Your Yamaha Grizzly & Kodiak ATV Need Protection?

The nature can be harsh at times. Your Yamaha ATV is vulnerable to danger whether you’re negotiating with cattle, rocky terrain, or just getting around the yard. For your ATV, a well-designed bumper system provides an essential layer of defense:

  • Impact protection: Important pieces such as the racks, fenders, radiator, and headlights might get destroyed when you accidentally bump into something or collide with something that you did not plan to. A strong bumper system which is responsible mainly for absorbing the collision impact will substantially lessen the need for repairs reducing any downtime.

  • Front Bumper: Cattle, fence posts, rocks, you name it, could scratch and equally injure your plastics and paint. It enhances the looks of your Grizzly & Kodiak 700 and acts as a guard against other elements of the natural environment that may affect your ATV.

The Yamaha Grizzly & Kodiak 700 Bumper system by ATV Body Armour

The Yamaha Grizzly & Kodiak ATV bumper system is not a mere add-on. These components are a full protective system, that can stand up against the toughest demands of off-road riding. What makes it unique is this:

  • Sturdy Construction: The material is a chrome alloy tube, which comes in a black powder coat to maintain the desired strength and resilience to corrosion.
  • 360-Degree Protection: The bumper of the Grizzly & Kodiak 700 completely circles the vehicle around the front and sides to defend it from all its vulnerable parts like the racks, plastics and headlights. Step plates add durability to the foot well and are suitable for getting on and off the machine.
  • Simple Installation: Its entire design has been made to give a straightforward, quick-fast setup that brings the rider to the trails as quickly as possible.
  • Rollover Protection: The side tubes extend past the tire, which works as an outrigger to help stop the machine from rolling over.

Find the Right Yamaha & Kodiak Grizzly 700 Bumper for You

Invest in safety as well as peace of mind by obtaining the best bumper system for your vehicle, when choosing keep the following things in mind:

  • Coverage Level: Is this full-front bumper enough or are you drawn to a 360-degree bumper too?
  • Style and Finish: Is a front bumper the style you are looking for or is a 360-degree system a better fit?

The ATV Body Armour website, has several photos showing our product along with videos and contact information for any questions. Your machine will become your next best friend and you can conquer any terrain with a well-protected vehicle. This will result in adventures with a thinking you will never forget.

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